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Clinical Director

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Role description

A Clinical Director has overall responsible for the leadership and management of a clinical team and the delivery of services provided to patients and the local community. A Clinical Director usually works for a Primary Care Network (PCN), supporting a group of practices in partnership with community services, social care, mental health and other healthcare providers.

Clinical Directors are accountable leaders, responsible for delivery and key to leading improvement and challenging poor outcomes across the PCN.

Key responsibilities

  • To lead and support the development of relationships across the PCN to ensure collaboration for better patient outcomes
  • To develop relationships and work closely with other PCN Clinical Directors, clinical leaders of other health and social care providers, Integrated Care System (ICS) leaders, Local Authority Commissioners and Local Medical Committees (LMCs)
  • To provide strategic and clinical leadership to the PCN, developing and implementing strategic plans, leading and supporting quality improvement and performance
  • To promote the rationale for the move to population health and population health management.
  • To support the understanding and delivery of the local response to the NHS Long Term Plan
  • Promoting out-of-hospital care integration, efficient ways of working and economies of scale
  • Encourage work on maximising value (achieving best quality for least cost) – in relation to referral rates, unwarranted clinical variation, effective prescribing and financial efficiencies.
  • Support key system requirements such as urgent care targets, cancer treatment targets, physical health checks on those with serious mental illness
  • Contribute to developing the strategic direction of the IMH and wider local health economy
  • Promoting a culture of continuous improvement and high-quality patient care within the structure of IMH
  • Ensure that service policy developments are in line with national directives and local frameworks Leading effective partnerships and relationships
  • Participate in on-call rota ensuring that standards of care are addressed where necessary
  • Develop team knowledge and skills to promote equality and diversity and address inequalities both in employment and service delivery.


  • Registered with GMC or employed in medical management with over 5 years experience heading up several practices
  • Have a postgraduate specialist qualification
  • Sound knowledge of clinical governance and effective systems of medical management such as job planning, appraisal and clinical assessment
  • Evidence of being involved in improving health inequalities
  • Demonstrates good strategic awareness of wider NHS issues and the implication of NHS drivers on Trust services
  • Evidence of working with PCT’s to develop services and engaging others related to service delivery
  • Ability to analyse complex issues and identify potential solutions

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