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As a pharmacist you have a wide range of career, technical, clinical, educational and management and development options...
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NHS Health Careers

Pharmacists are widely regarded as professional practitioners that provide comprehensive medicines management service and care for patients across all settings. 
Within the NHS, there are many career paths you could follow including specialising in a particular area of clinical practice such as paediatrics, haematology and cardiology. Clinical roles can also lead towards a ‘portfolio’ of different disciplines within one role.

As a newly qualified pharmacist your career is likely to start at band 6 within the NHS, working around 37.5 hours per week. Newley qualified pharmacy technicians typically start at band 4.

As you gain experience you will work your way up the pay scales and can begin to progress towards management or strategic roles or move into teaching or research. If you choose to specialise in an area of clinical practice there are many specialist fields you can follow. 
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Ready to apply to university, so that you can qualify as a pharmacist?  Discover the range of courses available at the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) website.
Whether you are interested in providing front-line clinical services or research into the design and development of new drugs and services UCAS provide details of a range of pharmacology, toxicology and pharmacy courses. Most universities will require that you have A/Bs in science subjects such as chemistry and biology. But other relevant subjects, such as mathematics, physics, physiology and psychology can also qualify you for a place.
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Royal Pharmaceutical Society

Founded in 1841, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society champions the pharmacy profession in the media, government and by providing information and support to pharmacists, including medicines information, education, training and resources to help you grow throughout your career. The RPS also provides a number of careers and volunteer opportunities such as research, advisory group membership, clinical writing, programme management and more. 
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