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Enjoy science and keen to help others? Discover the real-life stories of people's careers in pharmacy...
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A career in Pharmacy can be incredibly rewarding, as your love of science can make a real difference to people's lives. And, with hundreds of career options, there are opportunities for even the most ambitious. We have over 42,000 registered pharmacists in the UK; each with their own unique journey and career paths. To discover the real-life experience of some of them, read below...
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That’s what surprised me once I got into it. I was able to work in mental health. I was able to teach. I was able to expand on research, and other things which never came across when I first went into the role….I’ve got so much variety in my week that there’s never a boring week, never a boring day. I’m constantly learning

Mona Qassim
Mental Health Pharmacist, Reading
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I'm indirectly helping our pharmacies to be able to help their communities, enabling them to help the whole of Kent and Medway. And that for me is, is so powerful. I love people and networking. I've had the opportunity to do so many different things in my role. I've been on the radio on TV and had conversations with MPs.

Shilpa Shah
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It's all about the patient and what they need or want. The patient comes first, no matter what scenario and you're there to help the patient get the most out of their medicine.

Katherine le Bosquet
Medway NHS Foundation Trust
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Ask yourself three main questions...Do you want to help people? Do you want to speak to patients, and do you want to have a variety of career options to pick from? If yes – choose pharmacy.

Ali Hamad
Trainee hospital pharmacist, Royal Sussex County Hospital
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Pharmacy for me worked because it is about being caring and compassionate and valuing people…because they are my values…and I get to live them every day

Amandeep Doll
Royal Pharmaceutical Society, London
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Pharmacy is a really incredible career because it offers just so much diversity and variety in terms of the different areas you can work in, but also the opportunities to really develop as a person and a professional.

James Wood
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We can bridge between the doctor side of it and the patient side, and we can interact on a social care level as well.

Sally Farmer
Community Pharmacist, Taunton
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