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Teacher Practitioner

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Salaries from: £35,000

Role description

As a teacher practitioner, you use your considerable professional experience gained in practice, research study and / or teaching to design and deliver high quality teaching to undergraduate and postgraduate students. Including the delivery of lectures and workshops, pharmacy practice skills sessions and supervision of dissertations or projects, assessment, marking and the pastoral care of students.

Main duties and responsibilities

The delivery of high quality teaching to undergraduate and postgraduate students which includes taking responsibility for the design of units of study and assessment regimes, identifying learning objectives and teaching methods, developing materials and resources for use online, communicating subject matter clearly and encouraging debate. You must be able to respond to student questions both during and outside of class times and react pro-actively and positively to changes in course content or delivery. Typical responsibilities include:

  • Design and delivery of new teaching materials.
  • Support for Practice Based Learning where appropriate
  • Design, implementation and evaluation of teaching and learning packages. Including taking a leading role in the ongoing development and modernisation of the curriculum.
  • Design, implementation and evaluation of assessment tools and criteria for courses, mark assessments, ensuring adequate moderation, providing written or oral feedback as appropriate.
  • Mark final assessments as required.
  • Supervise undergraduate and postgraduate level student projects.
  • Engage pro-actively in on-going professional development both in own subject and in teaching and learning.
  • Programme evaluation, student feedback facilitation, assessment of own teaching design and delivery and the implementation of ideas for improving own performance.
  • Act as mentor for more junior teaching fellows or casual teaching staff.

Management and Administration

  • Undertake teaching related management and leadership duties whilst contributing to the overall strategic management/direction of the department
  • Take a lead on innovations which could have a positive impact on the Department or Faculty.
  • Represent the teaching interests of the Department at Faculty or University level meetings.
  • Take a pastoral role for students when they are away from campus on practice based learning activities.
  • Monitor student behaviours in line with student support services, and refer students for support where necessary.


  • An MPharm degree or equivalent, with a minimum of years recent experience in pharmacy practice.
  • Teaching experience or qualification is desirable.
  • The ability to engage with a diverse range of students to motivate and inspire them
  • The ability to work within a team with other staff and colleagues in the school and faculty.
  • Demonstrate that they meet UKPSF standards in learning and teaching and research. 

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