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Alison Warren - Consultant Pharmacist - Cardiology

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Consultant Pharmacist, Alison shares her day-to-day life of the role and her experiences in hospital.


00:02:07:16 [Speaker 1]: Every patient has a different story. Every condition needs a slightly different treatment, And you're really able to use all your skills. The. The most exciting thing was working within a really big team. You. Everyone has a role to play in. It's all equal and you're all pointing in 

00:02:54:10 the same direction and that's for the patient. Probably one of the only few professions that you can really build a 

00:03:17:18 portfolio career for yourself. And pharmacy allows you to jump between different industries. And now I'm focused definitely on gaining some foundation training of being 

00:03:52:15 really, um, competent in my current area that I'm working in. But your amp farm, which is your master pharmacy degree, really gives you the tools to open as many doors as you want. And it's up to you to make the career that you want, 

00:04:05:10 Which is really a. A privileged position to be in compared to other degrees. Pharmacy. You learn a little something from everyone every day, and that doesn't 

00:05:36:00 matter who it is. 

00:07:10:23 Open up to you at the worst times of their lives. And just sitting down with the patient. So last week, for example, I sat 

00:07:17:01 down and played chess with someone because he missed playing chess with his 

00:07:20:01 daughter, 

00:07:21:10 But so it gave me the boost for the whole week. So that was really nice. 

00:07:26:00 Oh, he run for sure. He was playing, he has old, old playing for awhile. Little impacts that you can have with individual team members or patients 

00:10:36:15 just to make their day.  

00:10:37:13 [Speaker 1]: Day a little bit brighter that makes the job worth doing every. Pharmacy gives you a lot of freedom within your life and within your 

00:15:07:16 career, and you can pursue really anything that you'd want to pursue. 

00:15:51:05 You really have to ask yourself three. 

00:15:52:22 Three main questions and that's do you want to help people? Do you want to speak to patients and do you want to have a variety of 

00:16:00:11 career options to pick from, Because pharmacists are the most accessible healthcare profession within 

00:16:09:12 the NHS, and we're able to provide so many different services. Um, so you have a lot of doors to pick from, and which key you want to put 

00:16:35:00 into a door is completely up to you.. 00:17:36:09 Hello. My name is Ali and I'm a training hospital. Pharmacist.

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