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A selection of downloadable resources that you can print to promote careers in pharmacy or use with your own social media campaigns....

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Claire May - Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice

...are no stupid questions. The only stupid question is the question not asked. So how do you, how do you know? Yeah. But it, but it's part and parcel of...

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Basil Alackal - Trainee Pharmacist - Community, a hospital setting, um, or you can go into  00:08:42:05 industry. So that's where you do manufacturer research about medicines. ******So why I chose community pharmacy, uh, was because...

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Thinking about a career or new opportunities in pharmacy? These resources are available to help you......

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James Wood - PSNC pharmacist

...interests of all 11,500 community pharmacies in England. And we're recognized by government and, uh, the NHS to do that work on behalf of community pharmacies. We worked really closely...

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Zeenat Beg - Graduate Teaching Assistant - Research

...If you said a community pharmacist, I would have said, okay, that's someone who is in a community, pharmacy prescription comes in and they are dispensing the medications. Now, community...

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Davina Gadhia - Portfolio pharmacist well. So I worked for, um, what they call a CPCs scheme. So I do training for community pharmacists to help train them in consultation, skills, history, taking examinations...

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Mona Qassim - Mental Health Pharmacist

...the community, mental health teams, allowing more access to medication, information, and support around reducing side effects and reducing, um, kind of complex physical health complications that can happen with...

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